The Guardian “Why don`t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency as coronavirus?”

Letter sent to the Editor – link to article in The Guardian

Dear Owen,

Your recent article “Why don’t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency as coronavirus?” is baffling.
However, it is my opinion that the article misses the most crucial point, why we are not acting on the climate crisis. Here is why:

It’s money. That simple. To act on climate change would have cost money. Life would be more expensive and – that’s not popular! (yellow vests in France etc). So, let`s better ignore any costs and any actions on climate change. This is the mantra of the past 30 years. The cause of inaction.

Politicians are not willing to run on burdening voters with costs.
And, voters will not re-elect any politicians that do so. It may be that simple.

Cheapest source of energy
Luckily 😊 times have changed. What is the cheapest source of energy today? Wind and solar! The cost trap is history. BloombergNEF shows an impressive world map (New Energy Outlook 2019) with countries colored yellow and blue: 66% of the people in the world live in a country now where wind (blue) or solar (yellow) are the cheapest source of energy. We made it.
And that`s exactly what the Guardian should talk about.
And Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary General).
And many others.

Just as tobacco
We have to throw overboard the old thinking. And, of course, there will be fights and resistance. Many of the lobbyists will be interested in keeping the “expensive” fairy tale, just as tobacco did. But, we only have one last chance to fight the climate crisis still in time (if it is not too late already). We have to beat the ghosts of the past with their own wappons: money! It’s that simple. We are the GOOD&CHEAP now. And that’s how the economists will side with us, because it`s cheaper anyways!

And, it is time for Greta to add one more point “How dare you. Wind and solar energy is even cheaper now. You have no more excuses left. Renewables are even cheaper!”

And time will come for voters to realize that it simply is much cheaper today to go for 100% cheap renewables (let alone the hundreds of billions of damages by climate change).
And time will come when politicians will be voted actually OUT of office for NOT acting on climate.

What else needs to happen?

Guardian, Great, Guterres, (and all of us), just TALK ABOUT it. “The planet is burning. Renewable energy is cheaper now. There is no more excuses left. Please act or get out of our way!”
Next elections will come.