The NIPSCO-story: Solar cheapest source of energy!

  • Northern Indiana Utility NIPSCO.
  • IRP results send out shock waves all over the country.
  • New Solar CHEAPER than existing coal or natural gas.
  • New Solar saves rate payers $4 Billion.
  • New Solar now cheapest source of energy in all 50 States (and worldwide!).

Utilities often have the obligation to the public to draft an integrated resource plan (“IRP”) every 3-5 years to determine the cheapest electricity generation mix for their customers. The resulting IRP is subject to independent third party approval by the Public Utility Commission (“PUC”). NIPSCO is a utility in northern Indiana. In their most recent resource plan, they evaluated 8 different scenarios from status quo (65% coal) to an almost ZERO EMISSION scenario (0% coal). Coal was step by step replaced by renewables, mostly solar. The result is astonishing: The cheapest scenario for their customers is 0% coal, with lots of NEW SOLAR replacing it. In other words, NEW SOLAR is cheaper than operating coal!

Solar – cheapest source of energy 

And even better: Have a look at the solar map for the US. Northern Indiana is green. And every state in the US is either green or better, (more sun) yellow and orange. 

In other words, solar is the cheapest source of energy in all 50 US States! Only wind energy rivals solar.

What does it mean for the world? Well, let´s look at the world solar map. Same picture, northern Indiana is green, the world is also green, but mostly yellow and orange – even more sun. Therefore, we can conclude that solar is the cheapest source of energy worldwide now. What a conclusion, NEW SOLAR is cheaper now than operating coal plants! A remarkable finding. 

Actually, a key finding, to make Paris workWe have economics at our back now.

Let´s go for 100% renewables?

Let`s go for 100% cheap renewables!

And everybody can help – just TALK ABOUT it & save the planet!

There is nothing left to argue.

It`s up to us.

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